Caring for your Water Fountain

Fountains are a simple and easy way to enjoy the harmony of nature in your domestic or work environment. Here are a few tips, and musts, to ensure clean living and a long safe life for your Water on the Rocks. Fountains are fragile art – you’ll want to take care of them!

  • Keep your fountain filled. Your pump will die if it is run without water! If you here a sucking, air-like sound, your pump is telling you it wants a drink.
  • Keep your fountain clean. Change water at least once per month, or more often in humid climates. If the water begins to feel slimy, change it. You may remove some rocks from the side to get at the deeper water and use a siphon.
  • Recommend cleaning your fountain every 3 months. Unplug the fountain, remove stones and pump and clean with a mild antibacterial dish soap. Other chemicals may be used to remove lime, rust, or minerals at your own risk. Use “Feature Clear” (we sell) to avoid dirty fountains.
  • Do not operate a fountain for long periods unattended.
  • WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX – use dry hands whenever inserting or removing the electrical plug or flipping the switch. Always unplug when servicing or cleaning pump.
  • WE ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND USING YOUR FOUNTAIN IN A GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERUPTED outlet. These switches are like those you find in your bathroom with a test button. Ask
    your electrician or hardware store for more details.
  • BE CHILD SAFE! Children LOVE fountains and intrigued by the mysterious flow of water, children will automatically want to play with the fountain and may need supervision.
  • The fountain may contain small stones that can be swallowed by a child, keep your fountain out of reach of children (but show them the fountain often!).
  • Place your fountain upon a stable, firm, spacious foundation. Fountains may contain heavy stones that may cause serious injury if dislodged from the fountain.
  • Handle your fountain with care. Fountains are contained in pottery which may be fragile, easily broken, or crack if dropped. Be careful with stones that may have sharp edges. Wear gloves when handling the stone.
  • Most fountains are for indoor use only. All outdoor fountains require a 3-wire plug, and should be wired into a ground-fault circuit interupter. Call your electrician if questions.
  • If your fountain is used outdoors, DO NOT LET WATER FREEZE INSIDE. This will damage the basin and the pump, as well as void your warranty.
  • Fountains will sweat (they work hard!) during extreme temperatures, especially if placed near windows, on cold floors, etc. Be aware and protect your furniture.

A host of products are available to help you maintain a clean, clear fountain. Try our Feature Clear or other water treatments for clean water. Service plans are also available for cleaning your fountain, either in our shop, or at your home. Call or write to inquire if you have any other questions. Have fun and enjoy the sound and beauty!

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