Biological Vs Decorative Ponds

Biological PondWhat you need to understand is that a pond that is designed for plants and fish is an environmental ecosystem that takes more care than your basic water feature without plants and fish.

For a viable ecosystem, your pond will need a variety of plants that offer filtration, shade and beauty. A large enough pump to cycle the volume at least once per hour. This may not be possible on large ponds so it is recommended that you install an aeration system to oxigenate the water.

There are a myriad of various filters for ponds.

  1. Pressurized is good for smaller ponds
  2. Biological or Bio falls are good for large ponds (our favorite!). They host bacteria and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  3. Mechanical would be a type of skimmer which incorporates a catch net for leaves and other debris and a filter pad that will remove smaller particles. The skimmer can also house your pump in a clean environment with easy access for cleaning and maintenance. You can also install an auto fill mechanism inside a skimmer to keep your water topped off at a proper operational level.

A skimmer is probably the most important piece of equipment for a biological pond.

If you take the time and plan your feature with a good location and proper equipment then it will be an enjoyable experience with low maintenance and a great deal of joy.

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