Considerations when designing an Outdoor Pond or Backyard Water Feature

For a well designed water feature, there are some important things to consider.

Backyard Water FeatureLocation and Sight lines
Where are you going to see the garden water feature from and where are you going to enjoy it the most. If it is ‘Out of Sight’ then it will become ‘Out of Mind’. If you are not seeing it, you are not going to go out there and enjoy it or work on it.

A Labor of Love
There is always going to be a level of maintenance required but you don’t want the maintenance to be overwhelming. The pond feature has to be designed and developed with ease of maintenance in mind. For example, it would be impractical to have a water pump immersed in the middle of an outdoor garden pond which you have difficulty accessing or if you have to physically get into the water to clean it.

Proper Equipment and Water Flow
The headaches from maintenance and algae are not worth the price of skimping on equipment.  High efficiency pond and fountain pumps pay for themselves in 2-3 years.  Proper water flow, aeration and depth of the pond are also important considerations.

Plan for Plants
There are many different type of filtering plants, some better than others. The placement of these plants is also included in the design because you don’t want some plants growing large in front of an important aspect of the water feature.

Underwater Lighting
Are you going to sit out in the evening and enjoy the glow from underwater lighting in your pond?

Size of an Outdoor pond
If you have a large property then a large pond is probably ok but if you have a small to medium sized property, you should size the pond to the property. The bigger the pond the more maintenance you have to do.
Backyard Pond

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