Pond Clean Out

Annual Spring Clean Out Services

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to schedule your annual clean out service!  Below is a brief description of the services we offer.

Spring Clean Out:

We safely store fish and aquatic plants in temporary aerated tank, drain pond, power clean rocks and falls, hand pick debris, clean pump, filter pads, brushes, and other filtration systems.  Also apply necessary chemicals for start-up including de-chlorinator, beneficial bacteria, and algaecide (where applicable).  Dispose collected waste, perform routine maintenance inspection, and start-up pond.

Invasive Plant Removal:

If your pond has been overrun by invasive plants, you may require a more in-depth clean out.  This service includes all the services of our spring clean out, as well as the tear out of overgrown plants. Due to the nature of this type of clean out different rates and charges apply.

Pond Start-Up:

While we always recommend a professional clean out to begin each new season, sometimes you are only looking for help to install your winterized pump. We are happy to get your system up and running, and will identify immediate problems (broken line, damaged pump, skimmer box damage, etc.) should any exist.

Call or email for scheduling and estimates today:
Phone: 303-941-0032
Email: kevin@waterontherocks.com


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